Feedback on a Building?


I recently just finished this build in Studio, and it’s the first building for a rather large map of NYC that I’m working on for my group. It’s currently 289 parts which kind of scares me due to lag (I’ll probably have about a hundred buildings similar to this one) but I want to get the design down before optimization. Without further delay, here are the pictures.




This is a really good building you did, i don’t know if it’s just me but on this picture it looks like the walls or up a little and not closed.All the way if you know what i mean but that’s really all for me hope to see more of your work sooner,keep it up man.



I think it’s the lighting/texture, but thanks for the feedback!.


Oh alright, no problem man always wanting to give feedback to other developers…

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Nice work, but there’s a little to improve, really just depth and color scheme. In my experience with NYC a lot of the buildings in this style had a lot of depth and detailing on them. Frames around the windows, pillars in the entrances, etcetra. Maybe provide the reference you used? The coloring could also use some contrast besides the brownish yellows and blues, perhaps use concrete of a grey for window frames like I mentioned before?

Other than that I’d say it’s a fine build, looking forward to seeing more of this project!


Thanks for the feedback, I definitely have had a lot of trouble in the past with the coloring aspect of a build. This is also the reference picture that I used (I know that I got a bit lazy on the top) image


Hmm, the building is definetely simpler than I expected so you matched it almost perfectly. It doesn’t seem to be brick though, perhaps you could substitute by making the main brownish-yellow structure concrete (or a different texture/material) and using the brick to add a sense of detail on finer aspects like the blue or archways above the entrance?

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That could give it an interesting look, I’ll definitely try it.

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I see that the windows on your built one doesn’t look the same as the, reference one does. Are you planning on fixing that one. Up or leaving it the way it is or if is still in work in progress.?


I’ll probably leave the window layout largely the same.

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This white brick

Dosent fit in nicely. At first I thought I was one large window.

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I’d like to say that it looks like a free model (no offense) but looks great! Try not to make the roof flat for example, try making a unique shape on top of the roof using unions, meshes, parts and more! Or, you could include a statue of your Roblox character on the roof.


Joshua that’s not correct, you can see from the post he said.

I recently just finished this build in Studio, and it’s the first building for a rather large map of NYC that I’m working on for my group. So it can not be a (free model) he didn’t said say i used free models.!


From your reference photo, I would cave the windows in more and give them a lighter colour. I would also make the large, arched windows less wide and taller. It’s often difficult to add detail to a facade that is inherently plain, so I can understand why it looks slightly undetailed. Have you tried making it SmoothPlastic instead, like the reference photo? Could work.

I’d play around with it, anyway, and add more detail to the top.

@JoshuaB0RN How does it “look like a free model”? What purpose does that comment even serve? It is extremely rude to insult somebody by suggesting that they did not make something.

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Sorry, @Somnar. Your creation just looks great! That was what I was trying to say. I am sorry that you have to feel this way.


First off, this building is pretty good! It is almost an exact replica of the reference used and this is pretty impressive. I’d suggest trying a smoother material and maybe a slightly different yellow color to match the walls of the reference image.