Feedback on a bunch of things

I havent posted in a while and I think its about time I did :smile:
I’ve been working on remaking the game that got me Researcher level 1 in innovation inc

Images for that here



(Yes, I am aware of the similarities between this and Innovation Arctic Base…)

Some other area of the remade version

I’ve also been working on an area of @Great_20051’s Stargate related group.

Images for that

Quick note: some of the smaller assets are not created by me as it is part of a group creations - however I built all of the main structure

It would be nice to have some feedback and/or suggestions on what to add or change about these things.


I like the old version better than the new. It just needed white lights like the new version:

I get what you mean, but that chamber had 0 room to expand from. Basically one of the reasons why I chose to remake the game - nothing really fitted together or had space to expand nicely.

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Oh yes I see that. Well you did good making these things :+1:

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I don’t agree.

This is a lot more futuristic and appreciated by players with good lightings


hi stev!

Alright so first thing is that in some of the images for the Stargate group, the ceiling is in complete darkness. Future lighting does this a lot, and the easiest fix I could see is widening the angle of the lights or adding invisible lights that only illuminate the ceiling.

In the servers, you could add some wires as extra detail and to make them more realistic.

You should also consider empty floor space. Many of the rooms you’ve showed have a ton of space which doesn’t serve a purpose. It makes the build look emptier. If this isn’t intentional, then you might want to either make the rooms smaller or add more to them.

For the reactor, you might want to add small pipes around the structure simply to break up flat surfaces. You could also add some trusses (custom made ones, not the default ones those look bad) onto the support beams for some extra detail.

For the cave area, you should consider adding vertical support columns. Most mining operations either leave columns of rock to support the land above or add supports to prevent a cave-in. Could also be an easy way to squeeze in some lighting to highlight important areas.

no future lighting is used lol, i dont like future very much. i stick to shadowmap
also i am planning on adding a tonne more things to the stargate thingy, thats still very in development