Feedback on a car model

Hello all. I was wondering if I could have some feedback on this car model I did for a Fire Dodge Charger 2014.

The car is about to go live into my game soon and I was wondering if I could have a third party view on what is good and what is bad.


It looks fine to me! Can I see it in motion, or is it just decor?

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It looks absolutely amazing.
Keep up the great work. :wink:


The car looks great! I love the ELS on it, it looks very realistic! Good work on the car! :oncoming_automobile:


I don’t suggest you use this model as using cars made by real companies can result in Copyright infringement. It looks great don’t get me wrong however you could end up in trouble as a result.


This looks great!
The only issue is copyright as MetaProx stated. My suggestion if you plan on using this is renaming it to something different, kind of like Simbuilder did with Porsche cars on vehicle simulator (Porsche’s copyright policy is quite strict, and that’s why some games such as The Crew use RuF instead).

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I am away from home currently for a bit however when I get the chance I can show it in motion. Thanks for the feedback

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I get what you are saying with copyright. What I’m going to do is remove the branding from the car and as you say possibly rename it.

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I hope I am not being too picky but if this is for Sussex in the UK then the dial number should be 999 not 911.
I may be wrong but am not aware of 911 being used like it is 999 in UK.

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I’m confused because American Police Cars are not red and British Police Cars are not red so is this Fire Police?

Just noticed it is Fire Rescue!


Sussex county is in New Jersey.


Very good. It would help to see the topology though, as I noticed a pinching issue near the rear
when posting meshes, it is important to provide us with certain details like topology and the UV unwrap so we can judge it more carefully.


@honeydewloon If it helps, here is the uv map. :slight_smile:

@TheGuyThatScripts Yepp. Rescue car haha.

Woah! Looks super realistic! The only suggestion I have is, and I’m not sure that its final is the texture/decals on the car are very undetailed. Other than that, really good!

Are you sure this isnt real life…?
It looks great, but I think that the red is a bit too excessive and could maybe use some more white. Other then that this is amazing!

Personally that looks amazing, another way you could maybe add to it could be making the mesh reflective, and slightly reducing the texture’s opacity to create a shiny effect, but for now it looks fabulous!

This looks outstanding! I really like the detail you put in this. Keep up the good work!

The car is amazing! It also looks very realistic.