Feedback On A Cursed Mine

I built this “cursed” mine for a game but I stopped working on the game. What do you think about this build?


The map is pretty nice. I like what you did with the music, and I like the overall layout.
For being a cave, it’s awfully blocky. You could opt for more detail in some areas, maybe along the cave walls put exposed ore or crystal to give players more to look at. There’s also a lot of clipping parts you could try to optimize or make into unions. For example, here, the wood parts were all clipping.

I can’t wait for you to expand on the obby, you did well!
Next time you update it, could you add screenshots of it to your post as well? That way you don’t have to join the game in order to see it.

ok sure! :slight_smile: (30chars)

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It looks great! I’m not sure if its supposed to be like this but the jumping gravity is a bit weird and hard to get used to but it might just be me.

It’s not you. I changed the gravity.

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I think it looked good, but I do have a few changes to suggest.

  1. MInecart Tracks

    I noticed it does leads to a wall, so it might be a good idea to just add a bit of a frame for a entrance, and then blacking it out. I went ahead and built what I mean, so here is a picture

  1. Block Types

    I noticed this isn’t as big as a issue, since its still obvious what they are either way , but I noticed blocks like the one at the right of this picture doesn’t have any difference from other blocks. I think it would be a good idea to give it a different material or color to differentiate.

Ok, will do! Thanks :+1: (30chars)


great game play a bit bland but pretty good

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Can you please say how it is bland, so at least I can make it less bland?

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mostly visuals so add some things on walls and the floor like rocks and stuff

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So… basically what @TitaneumCat said.

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Turn off outlines!! (30 chars)

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I love the map and the concept of it. Very nice overall but I just have one thing to suggest. The walls of the cave do look pretty bland, so I would reccomend adding rocks that pop out and maybe adding some uncollidable crystals and you should be set. Other than that… Thumbs up dude! Nice Work!

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