Feedback on a custom developer console

Normal view

Minimized view

Hi there :wave:!

Recently I decided to remake Roblox’s default console, with inspirations from electron’s developer tool menu.
Since I’ve made it, I am looking for suggestions as well as opinions.

If you want to test it out, join the game! (The keybind is backslash)

Link: DevConsole - Roblox


Hey, sorry for the bump, but I’d love to test out the custom dev console you made. It looks great so far from what I can see from screenshots, but it currently seems to be set to private.

In addition, I’d love to know your process behind making it. I’m trying to remake the entire Roblox menu and make it as functional as I can. One of those things is the developer console.

Developer console is easy to script since you only need to detect when something is printed to the output (Warns,Errors,Prints). The only thing that might be harder is making the executable script but it’s still managable by using remotes and some modules. That’s mostly all it uses maybe only add counter for errors and warnings and minimize and close button. But in the image we can see there is only client so if you want to only make the client side of the console you don’t have to make executable scripts for the Server side of the console.

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Just use LogService to detect when a new output message is added, then make a UI template for each warning, info, print, and error.

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