Feedback on a demon tail model


I wasn’t feeling the demon tails in the Catalog, so I was like why not make my own.
No hate, the tail being straight just didn’t feel right, to me.
I curved it so it looks more natural, and people can actually see it from the front.
Is it worth getting it requested, or any things I can fix?

Thank you for your feedback. Don’t be scared to comment anything negative about it, I would love to hear you out as long as it helps me to improve it.

Good-day. :smiley:


It overal looks good. maybe a little thin tho. curvature looks good but the end of the tail looks a little weird. it looks good for the rest.

Look cool, don’t know of it’s just me but it looks a bit thin.

Thank you :smiley:

How about this? A bit better, I would like it to be pretty thin but as you said, yes it did look a bit too much.
I just fixed the end, and as well made it a bit more thick. Im looking for it to be thin but hopefully this is a bit better :slight_smile:


I think It should be more thicker so that it highlights the tail more.

Looks cool! It is quite thin, you should make it a little bit thicker, nice job tho :slight_smile: