Feedback on a Difficulty Chart Obby

It isn’t a bad obby by any means. I’ve seen a lot worse. But it needs some work.

I like the concept of the difficulty Chart, but here is some feedback!

  • The music button almost covers the jump button
  • The checkpoints look like spawns, delete the spawn image

Nothing else but those two, you can also play test it on mobile by clicking on the phone/iPad button.

don’t make checkpoint material nion

Please do your research before posting, someone posted this feedback already.

i played his game and than tell him i have not read replay before

Uh oh! A game-breaking bug!

It doesn’t let me respawn, i was doing the yellow stages.

Players are leaving the game because of that, you need to fix this as soon as possible please!

The last 2nd red stage before you get to dark red stage is a bit farther from “Difficulty”, this actually requires some intelligence and knowledge for you’d have to go near the edge on the platform sideways with shift lock, turn to the direction where the platform your standing on is, you’re going to fall but you’re going to stop falling and do the climb pose, you’d have to do it near the strange box-shaped object thingy, you’d want to slide to the right holding D and don’t accidentally get up.

Also al side note the lobby where there are 4 hallowed dead trees are too close to the spawn and might get crowdy, you should provide some space in my opinion.

You can improve your thumbnail by fixing the font, it doesn’t really match. You can add outlines to make it more bold and it will attract more attention. Like @Darkzonian said, you can improve your UIs by making the BorderPixel to 0, and then making the words bigger (set font to SourceSansBold). Also, I found a glitch. It doesn’t teleport me/kill me when I touch the water. The background is a little bit strange, I saw that some parts of the obby are higher in position than the actual terrain. I found that quite odd.

Anyway, you did a pretty solid job building this difficulty chart obby. Most Difficulty Charts use studs, and I think you did a good job interpreting the idea and making it more low poly, or more cartoonish. Nice work. :+1:

The water isn’t supposed to kill you.
When you fall off, then that’s the time you should be able to respawn.

It would be logical for it to respawn you/kill you, not relying on the person pressing the R button. You should also make a UI that shows that R will respawn your character.

It’s only broken, it used to before.

I might’ve deleted that by accident. I’ll ask my friend to fix that. I’m focusing on rebuilding the stages.

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