Feedback on a Difficulty Chart Obby

Update on this post:
I’d rather get feedback on the difficulty, because I can’t balance the stages well. The same goes for my friend @NotAboutToLie. If you notice any issues please mention that aswell. Im looking forward to balance my game.

Hi. Me and my friend finished working on a Difficulty Chart Obby and we are looking for feedback.
@NotAboutToLie - Builder
@mxja4 - Builder

I apologize if I did something wrong when making this post. I’m new to this.


The label that says “You” should be placed on the green part.


Oh my bad! Fixing that right away.

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Looks good. I will definitely play it later.

Wow, it’s really fun. Some of the players wanted feedback so…
They loved it! One said the game was cool and the music was great. But one said the UI could do some improvement. The spawn should also be bigger. That’s all!

Also, i was alone in the first place, then 10 players joined.

Thank you!
I have barely any experience with UI, but I’ll do my best to improve the UI. And also 10 players`joined? That’s pretty weird if you ask me.

Well, it was weird. I didn’t expect 10 players that fast.
Some players said the spawn was so bright lol, maybe tune the transparency a bit down
Also, here’s the problem with the UI.

It just doesn’t mix together. What i mean is the music and the spectate ui are completely different.

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I’ll fix the brightness on the checkpoints right away

Some of the respawns aren’t rotated correctly.

When I die, I appear facing the wrong way. This spawnpoint in the picture, you have to rotate 180. There also might be other spawnpoints that aren’t rotated the right way where when you die, you face the direction of the next level you’re supposed to go.

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Thank you for fixing the UI and the spawnpoints, but the respawns lead me back to the spawn (yes it is the other way around :confused:)

Im working on it. Thanks for bringing it up.

Currently I’m testing if rotating the checkpoints worked. It seems that it did not work. It spawns the character the right way but the screen is pointed north (north is my guess on the direction that the screen is pointed to).

My feedback:

What I think is that you should add more detailed stuff. I’m not trying to be rude or anything but the detail needs more improvement.

I’d rate your game a 5.4

Good luck on your game’s future development!

It’s good but you didn’t put much individual effort into each stage, they were all just gimmicks or one mechanic challenges with no structure.

Like when I make an obby I invest usually around half an hour to 40 minutes per stage while especially for the earlier stages I’m guessing you just did them in 30 seconds.

That just burns. But I’m not used to making easy stages. I’ve built many tier 10-11 obbies. When I make these tier obbies I usually take about 40-50 min.

I will improve the stages. I don’t have much time to improve them today. Thank you so much for your feedback.

I’ll check it out

First thoughts

  • Lot of difficulty charts have personal-seeming messages, like, “Ok, here’s your first wraparound. If you get stuck just remember to use shift-lock”.
  • I like how it’s not covered in ugly distracting studs.

After a while

  • No names for the stages, no badges (understandable as you’re new)
  • Stage 21 is a difficulty spike
  • Playing the same song three times in a row…
  • Make that 4.

So overall could use some work but not bad. Rating: 7/10

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Sorry if that burnt but that’s what I observed. Even easy stages can be engaging- you need to put effort into making your obby unique/fun so it’s different from the rest.

Also, you overuse certain challenges and it makes the obby tedious. Like the walljumps.

Thought I’d get really specific just to help you.

There are I believe 9 stages in this area, yes? Let’s look at the orange ones. Out of the nine stages, five of them have the exact same obstacle but made harder. This is a problem, doing the same thing gets repetitive.

And an edit, there are a ton of regular walljumps too which compose most of the other stages.

I used the JTOH kit to add music. I don’t know how to change music when you get to a new difficulty. That’s why I use JTOH kit.

I don’t have a good reason to why I added spectate GUI. I thought it would be nice to have it so people can report an exploiter, but I end realising that people can’t report the exploiter to me. Conclusion? It’s pointless

But thanks for the feedback and I had no idea that there was a difficulty spike on 21.

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Thanks, that actually makes a huge difference to the rating as far as JToH kit.

Thanks for being more specific I’ll fix that tomorrow. I’m dead tired and I have school tomorrow.

Thank you so much for your feedback