Feedback on a Digital Drawing

A very random drawing of a Roblox noob. The style is a bit different than what I’m used to doing, though. All feedback is appreciated, thanks!

I’d love feedback on the lighting most importantly!!!

48 whole minutes just for this—


The art style is pretty solid, to me it has a great direction and vibe to it. That polished “Roblox-glow” is all over this, keep it up!


The noobs head does not feel right. And why does he only have one tooth, I feel like for this drawing he should not have any. Either ways I like it!


Yes yes, I did make his head more oval shape, but that was intended. I can try to change it up tho!

He was supposed to be like a baby-ish noob thing. Although, some Roblox faces do have teeth, so I don’t see a problem with adding some, especially since his face kind of (not on purpose) looks like the winning smile. Oopsies.

Thanks for your reply!

Your art looks lovely. I do like the way the light is shown on the noob and gives it that good glow effect. Your art style is good and overall in just 48 minutes, you done a great a job. :+1:

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I think the tooth being perfectly centered is the really offputting thing here. Try putting it off to one side.

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Okay! Personally, I like it that way, but I can experiment with putting it in different areas.

Thanks for your reply!

Omg its soo cute! I love the expression on the face :happy3:
and the cauldron is great lobve the glow!

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Hey Scenic,

Lovely lovely idea. The glow is done in a manner which we know that you (most important person here) believe it.

Art is an illusion. We’re drawing something that “exists” in real life, onto a piece of paper. From 3D, to 2D. It is of utmost importance that the artist believes she is drawing something real.

In this case, you did. However, I can tell you still lack foundation, being “form”.

The drawing is flat. Although there are highlights, and shadows, it still looks like a flat piece of sticker, because you focus more on shape than form.

It would help if you learnt how to draw 3D images. Start from cubes. If you’re able to orientate cubes to your desire, you would be able to manipulate this skill, and craft a skeleton for the Noob,

You’d be able to make the head, arms, body, and cauldron “cuboid-ish”, and give it the form it lacks.

I recommend “DrawABox” for anyone trying to learn art, as it’s a very informative course that touches fundamentals :slight_smile:

*Edit: The fact you took 48 minutes for this is probably because there are still some things you don’t understand in art. I highly recommend you start working on foundation. :slight_smile: *

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I love it! Looks like it could be a thumbnail for a potion making game or something similar.

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Thank you for your reply!

I was going for a 2D look, and yes, I do know about drawing 3D images. I am still working on my understanding of the fundamentals, but I’m not completely new to art.

Personally, I don’t think time can play a factor in someone’s understanding of art, and as I said before, this is supposed to be 2D, so it was going to take less time than a more 3D image.

and if you were saying I should’ve taken a shorter amount of time then:
everyone has their own process, so no one is going to take the same amount of time to do something. I don’t believe that this would decide if I need more time studying the fundamentals imo.

Thank you for replying tho! It was very informative and helpful.

Hey Scenic,

I don’t believe time = skill. I was merely reflecting from personal experience, whereby I found certain concepts (like shading) took really long, because I didn’t understand where the shadows fell.

By 3D, I meant something like this:

The “3D” boxes give form, and lets you see exactly where to shade. All drawings (hand-drawn), digital or not, are considered “2D”.


Ah alr. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

I know, I was simply stating that I was going for a 2D style, a specific style I saw before, so it was supposed to be flat.

That looks great, but you could slightly increase the saturation and smoothen the head and arm shapes out.

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There are very cool colors in here, but no warm colors to balance it out, so it ends up looking very dark. Please try and add warmer colors to your highlights and have cooler colors to your shadows.

Great work!

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