Feedback on a few tree models

I created some tree models, but i would like your feedback on how to improve them.

Tree - Roblox

Tree - Roblox

Strange and tall Tree - Roblox

Blocky tree - Roblox

Tree - Roblox

Stable Tree - Roblox

Tree 7
Normal Tree - Roblox

ordinary tree - Roblox

Here’s what I thought of them!

Tree! - The leaf blocks are a little too close to each other, spread them out, roughen it up!

Tree2 - Some leaf parts are a lot darker, so maybe change them so their colours match a little more!

Tree3 - The branches are too skinny and the leaf parts are some shape that doesn’t really fit!

Tree4 - A little too basic, and the leaf part is too small.

Tree5 - Add more leaf blocks onto the very top, its a little too blocky right now. Also the vines should be a darker colour too!

Tree6 - Roughen the leaves up more.

Tree7 - My favourite one! Maybe just add a little more leaf blocks as well, roughen it up.

Tree8 - Way too basic, but if that’s the vibe you’re going for, then that’s fine.

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Thank you, i will take note of this and improve the models.