Feedback on a first try at a low poly house in Blender


I’ve never really tried low poly houses in blender, so I decided to try my hand at making one today.

Feedback appreciated!


It’s beautiful, great for your first one. Good job.

If I tried to learn Blender for 9999 years, I still wouldn’t be able to do this… (yes, I’m bad at thinking of styles :<) It’s great!

For a first one this is really awesome!
Nice soft colors. awesome design.
You will become a pro in no-time.

May I ask how you did this showcase?
I am trying Blender a lot now and I see people make this rotation showcase… but how?

Really solid house built in blender! How long did it take to build it?

Roughly 30-45 minutes on this one.

It’s through a spinning animation on an empty object that attaches to a camera so that when the empty axes spins the camera spins around with it, then I just export the animation as a video file.

It’s way better than just rendering a bunch of images, so people can see it much easier and more realistically.