Feedback on a fun 3D Platformer I’m working on!

Hey! I wanted feedback on a game I’m working on called Diceboy. A game using the engine of D20 by Elidile/Phenite.

Here are some screenshots (they are not mine but from people that have played)


I’d really love to know your opinions. Thanks for reading and make sure to stop misfortune!


This is a pretty unique looking game! I would love to see it’s future and what you are going to implement later on.

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Not sure if I was doing something wrong but the backflips were super hard to execute because of a lack of horizontal momentum. This is super cool though, awesome job

( Hey, this wasn’t uncopylocked back then? )

Really if this game is your own game than make sure to check it out because someone just stole your work maybe.

Good job other than that :sunglasses:

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Answering this question, yes.
It was open for everyone with me messaging Elidile one time saying “I uncopylocked it and fully knew the risks of doing so”
Also adding on, my diceboy game that i work on (but don’t own that’s tooty lol) has things NO OTHER ONE has like unreleased/maps never originally in the canon Phenite (Elidile) had.

You may have been doing them wrong. It pains me to have to deal with this on every person in the tutorial :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Once you get the special move, operate the backflip as normal but then stack your special move. That’s how it’s supposed to be done. But I really need to add that in the sign.

Yeah not sure. Overall the game definitely lacks communication on mechanics which is fine for a tech demo but when you roll out the full game definitely smooth that over for the players. You can’t really introduce the backflip mechanic but then expect players to know they can’t really use it until then get the special ability, so maybe you could make the area inaccessible until they get the ability

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I will definitely try that! Somehow we never thought of that lol.

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