Feedback on a game icon i made

Hello! i just finished a game icon for somebody i just didn’t know what color background would go well! i was wondering if i could have some feedback on what i did well and what i could do better next time,! i would love to hear some Thank you Cookie Simulator

- Galaxyy


It looks good, but I would try to remove or lighten the tinted blobs over the words as it just makes it harder to read. I like what you did with the word cookie and tried to put chocolate chips on top of it, but I would make the chocolate chips more spread out on the letters and not just on the top. I would also change the orange into more of a cookie color.

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Thanks for the feedback! i really Appreciate it!

This exactly. Another suggestion I’d make is to make the cookie not so perfectly round? Just some ideas, other than that, looks really good keep up the work.

P.S. I’d put a watermark on images you post on the DevForum like this

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I would keep the backround transparent. It would be really cool to have a bite out of the cookie.

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I would say add a little more detail to the cookie itself. The outline on the lettering looks good, it gives a cartoonish pop. I agree with Crossota about removing the transparency. Focus on the outlines. Maybe add in some extra lines and creases to the cookie to give it a visually appealing look. Other than that, your good to go! Cool icon!


The shadow on the text is too dark. Also, it looks weird how there’s a lot of detail in the text, but hardly any on the cookie. Try making larger variations on each chocolate chip on the cookie. Like, make some really big and others small. There’s a lot of empty space in the cookie.

Although, I really like your style! It looks nice and very well-made. Better than anything I could do.

alright, it looks alright overall. im not well trained in the 2d graphics designing aspect, however, i can still see a few flaws that can be worked around with.

one: the contrast of the cookie is too warm and high. try to make it maybe a brightish yellow orange. basically the color of the cookie. i like the effect on the text, though. also, the stroke on the text is to large, and when compared to the really thin stroke on the cookie, they dont seem to go well together. try to slightly enlarge the stroke size for the cookie, and also decrease the stroke size for the text :slight_smile:

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