Feedback on a game I'm working on

Hello. I’ve been working on a game, and while it’s public, I’m still avidly updating it to make it the best experience I can. If you have any feedback on the game, please post it below, it would help me a lot. Thanks :smiley:

  • It’s good!
  • It’s okay
  • It’s bad

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Started playing after I saw the previous topic of yours.
Just finished first path to see that I am unable to play the second one without rejoining.
Other than that, looks promising, and follows the weirdcore genre in a pretty nice way.
Good job!

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Thanks. I’m gonna fix that ASAP, I know the issue. Glad you liked it!!

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Really nice game. The UI is good and the gameplay is interesting, but i expected there to be more of a challenge when finding the objective. 8/10 :+1:

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I played the game a couple hours ago, it’s really good. Though I think the lighting should be more realistic and same for the graphics. Add camera bobbing and the ability to see yourself in first person. Also I suggest adding particle effects for things and make it more obvious that you’re supposed to go to the weird glitched objects.

7.5/10 right now but it has potential to be a 9/10 if improved.

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I’ve already added camera bobbing in the build for the next update, and was thinking of adding first person body, which I will do. I’ll try to make the lighting more realistic, but I’ve never been good with lighting. Thanks for your feedback!

The next update’s path is going to be more “puzzle” focused, if that makes sense. I was planning on making the first two paths almost an “introduction” to the third, which will be much more involved.