Feedback on a game thumbnail

Earlier today I posted a similar topic and received tons of great suggestions, and I have implemented them into here. Is this a solid vibe thumbnail? Still open to suggestions.

game link:


It’s not that bad,

but I have a few concerns. Why is one character standing on the chair? The others have their arm through the tables, and the posing is a bit awkward. I strongly suggest using Blender or some other 3d software for a thumbnail to correctly pose the characters.
If you can’t, maybe try to hire someone or find tutorials on how to.

I think with a few changes, your thumbnail would look great! :happy2:

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Im planning on adding some posters on the bare wall
thanks for the feedback!

seems slightly crowded but i love the vibe of it! Great work.

I saw your post earlier today and the lighting was decent! At first I thought you were using Blender but seems like I was wrong. Partially my fault however for not analyzing your picture further. But, now with more people, your thumbnail looks more alive. Something is actually happening and it’s in some way inviting. However, I have a ton of feedback you could probably use.
Anyways, there’s lots to read. Get started.

  • Good job, you landed the aesthetic of a night club thumbnail. It’s purple, night time, cozy, and full of people who are just hanging out.
  • You adding people was a great addition! It makes the club much more lively and not empty and sad. People may feel better about going into your game and playing with others.
  • I like the variety of people. No one person is the same which would make the thumbnail more boring! One of them even brought their dragon/bird.
  • I like how the outside is sort of blurred. It brings more focus to the inside bar. Good job on that.
  • The window looks scratched and a little dirty. Don’t worry though, it makes it look more real as that’d probably happen in real life! People would make the window dirty anyways.
  • Your attempts at improving your thumbnail is a good habit. You want yours to be the very best even if that is far away. Keep on doing that!
  • No one is looking at the camera. This just makes it more natural as if the camera isn’t there. Some people do see this as a downside as they want a focus on the character, but in my opinion that isn’t right always.


  • The newly added people have very stiff poses. There is no dynamic action but that’s probably because they’re chilling. They somewhat look forced to pose, something you don’t want.
  • My only problem with the people is that sometimes they’re blocked by other characters. There are two characters who I can barely see.
  • The wall on the left top corner is very poorly decorated. I see you have plans to decorate it with posters but here are a couple more suggestions.
    Food possibly? Some nightclubs can be chaotic but I feel like you want to keep the good vibes.
  • As mentioned in @TheNesNes32 post, there is a lot of clipping.
    Here is the gallery of clippers!
  1. Have the arm rest on top of the chair! Also, look at his feet! They are rotated in an unnatural position. Not to mention, his body from the waist down is clipped through the seat. I’m not sure how to fix the feet so you may have him talk to the guy beside him. In other words, completely redo my man.

  2. This guys arms. Either his arms have been split painfully in half or there’s some really coincidental arm rests.

  3. The arm of this guy is just ouch. It doesn’t look attached to his shoulder so it doesn’t seem like he’s resting on his hand. Also, there’s just a little bit of clipping.

  4. Here’s some chair leg mishaps.

  5. And a whole gallery of seat clipping.

This is all I can see and there’s a lot. I’m not going to sugarcoat this and say something like, “You can just realign the limbs and it’ll look good.” No, I literally don’t think you can. You might need to a whole new program entirely, aka Blender. There you can use rigs, which allow more freedom in bending joints and other body parts.
If you can’t fulfill this, your best alternative is to import your characters as R15 and start bending the limbs from there.

  • Maybe tone down the overuse of seats and tables. There needs to be more to look at. Maybe that can be a bar on the left? You also have the option to delete some characters, meaning less clipping to fix.
  • Add more props to the tables. This can be food, water, and other table items you may see at a restaurant. This will hopefully make your scene even more interesting!
  • I recommend adding more greenery in the form of plants or even a small tree. There is much needed color here and green will help.
  • In your screenshot, there are some blur bars to the right and some on the left. There is even an arrow at the right hand side. Clean up your shot a little.

  • There is also a slight issue in your screen resolution. For reference, the Roblox thumbnail size is approximately 1920x1080.
    In YOUR thumbnail, the size is 1919x873. You need to insure it is the same size as regular thumbnails in Roblox games. Otherwise, the thumbnail will be resized and it won’t look as it as your screenshot.
  • Maybe have more lamps like these. You can emit light from them and thus put more focus on the characters.

Extra Suggestions:

  • I’m not sure if this is possible in Roblox Studio, but try your best experimenting with different effects like fog or anything that would fit a night club.
  • After finishing your thumbnail, you should probably add a logo in one of the four corners just to make it look more official. However, you can probably make stuff work if you make your scene good enough to the point where the logo looks out of place.
  • You should have something to make your thumbnail stand out, a point of focus. If I were to remake this thumbnail, I’d have a guy dancing in the middle with everyone circling him cheering him on. It just makes your game look more interesting and eventful.

Overall, a ton to improve on, but you have the basis for a good thumbnail. I believe you can patch up the rough spots even if there are many cons. Good luck, I believe in your game and you.

Those are some of my first seating poses, and I can agree that they turned out pretty bad. I’m probably going to hold off on that side of the restaurant(yeah its a sandwich store, sorry for the miscommunication there). I was honestly testing the waters to see how people liked my animations and screenshots, and I’ll probably redo them in the near future. I don’t plan on switching to r15, and ill probably just make the animations more relaxed and not arm implants. Thanks for taking your time out to write this.

No problem!
Thanks for taking the feedback well. I would have thought you’d crack under the amount of cons. But you’re nice.
Best of luck to you in the future! I hope you improve to new heights.

Also I forgot to mention, I made 3 improved thumbnails that I feel capture the atmosphere better, but still suffer from the problems you mentioned.

Those have much better perspective than before! The blur definitely helps too and I like how you implemented it. Nothing seems wrong.
I love the fact that there is more focus on a group of people rather than the whole crowd. Makes it less cluttered but more focused.

Yeah, that’s what I thought as well. I’m using those on the games page at the moment, but I haven’t put the logo/watermark thing on yet.

I’d say it looks suitable for your game. However, I suggest adding text to it.


He looks like he got the biggest ankle breaking of a lifetime

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