Feedback on a game thumbnail

Hey DevForum!

I was wondering if you could give your opinion on this thumbnail I made!

It’s for an “old roblox” sorta game.



It is kind of pixelated try sharpening it


Are the eyes supposed to be a bit uneven? and yea @BaggyChris is right in saying that it should be sharpened a bit

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Maybe add a blur behind the guys face and the ROBLOX logo, and maybe get a clearer image it looks a bit pixelated.

Thats so pixelated try sharpening it.

Just looks like a Roblox studio screenshot. You should try using blender

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Thanks for your feedback!
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If I saw this, I probably would not click on it. Whats the game about? I can sometimes get engaged by the title. Also, yes you should sharpen it. It looks low quality.

I will click on it.
Because it looks good.

Instead of a roblox head, have you considered taking a picture of a classical map like crossroads and placing the Roblox logo on the bottom?

Anyways, sorry to be that guy, but there is clipping errors on the Roblox text



Also, as others have said - the eyes are too pixelated.

Good luck on your game icon!

Well, it’s just my opinion. Varies between player.

Like what most people are saying, clean up the quality because it looks very pixelated from being zoomed in really far. Also for the font, try turning up the tolerance on your magic wand or whatever you used because there is some white around the border of it.

Thanks again!
I’m making some changes!

The thumbnail fits the style of the game you are doing for sure. The image quality though isn’t that great as the Roblox logo and the face of the logo is pixelated.

Also, maybe pop out the face and logo a bit by adding a drop shadow to both the face and logo on the thumbnail. Additionally, you should have some spacing. Like maybe put the logo a bit more higher on the logo as well as have the face on the thumbnail moved up a little.

Overall, it looks like a good thumbnail but with some more work put into this thumbnail, it will look better.