Feedback on a GFX

Hello there,
I just made my first GFX and I was wondering what I should improve

Made using Blender and Photoshop:

Thanks in advance! :grin:


Looks sick mate, keep up the great work!


It looks awesome. I really like the grass!


Looks amazing, background and everything is good. The only things you could work on are,
move the arm to the side a bit so it wont clip. And move the rig a bit up, as it looks like the floor is eating his legs.

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  • Use of Dutch Angle. The camera roll puts an emphasis on the discomfort or confusion.
  • Sinister Lighting. Red lighting evokes a feeling of pain, fear or despair, especially when paired with a really dark ambiance which you nailed perfectly.
  • Character personality. The photo can allow the viewer to determine the personality of the character easily, and maybe identify them along the lines of revenge seeker, vigilante, careless, etc.
  • Background elements and environment. The country background pairs well with the character and grounds him in a location.


  • Explosion not bright enough. The explosion should let off a lot of light and brighten the image up a lot more. Also the highlights on the character is brighter than the explosion itself.
  • Lack of dust and debris. Maybe add some chunks of dirt/rocks and grass getting thrown past the character, add more fog and maybe some volumetric lighting.
  • Lack of shockwave affecting objects. Tilt the grass away from the explosion to better show the impact and range the explosion has.

Pretty sure he’s standing in a field of tall grass or wheat.

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Thanks alot for the very constructive feedback,
I will work on it and post an update later. :+1:

“Despair” is actually the name of the game so it’s good news :grin:


the grass needs some work. In blender you can make it kinda random.

The hand is clipping through his head. Also I have no clue what position he is doing. Is he kneeling down and put his hands behind his head to protect his head from the explosion? Is he diving for cover? Did he just toss an explosive and is walking away from it like in the movies?

He’s in a field of tall grass, that’s why you can’t see his legs

You have to find workarounds with blocky hands. Clipping is normal.

Adjusting his hat.

Yes. And it looks very cool.

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The explosion looks out of place like it was just copy and pasted there.
The posing is weird

the posing here

is unnatural