Feedback on a GFX

I just finished this GFX! How can I make it better?


This is a pretty good GFX! The colors are nice and pastel. And they match together very well! Although the brown hair is out of place. But that’s ok! I’d say it’s pretty good!

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All in this GFX is very clean and well done. But, what’s that floating piece of fur above the counter/table??

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Oops! Looks like I accidentally moved something :joy:

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Really good, you shall fix the floating object tho.

It looks really good! I suggest making it a bit brighter but thats it, its good and continue your work

Wonderful GFX!!
I’d recommend adding some light on her face and then some visual effects around the pic to make it pop :hearts:

Looks good, somethings are to dark/shade is to dark , and also the floating thing.

you should use better lighting, im sure it’d make it much better if you added some effect overlays in a photo editor too