Feedback on a gladiator map

Hello! Recently I’ve been trying to improve by building skills, and I ended up making this, and any feedback is recommended!

Sorry for the bad screen shots I’m not that good lol

Here’s some basic knowledge:

  • Did I use any free models? Yes I used a pillar mesh and a crown mesh
  • How long did it take? Around 2 days
  • Did you have any help? No

Here’s the game link if you want:
Note: You might need sun glasses before joining!

Thank you,


This build is quite basic and the borders of the arena are very simple. Maybe you could build seating around the fighting area and change the pose of the statue to look less basic. This map is fine for a placeholder if it is one. I also think you should change the colour of the spawns to match the surrounding environment.

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There are very few details, I would also add fog or smoke for the atmosphere.

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