Feedback on a group/game logo

Hi, first post on here !
I want opinions on my logo that i will use for a potential group i will be making

Sorry for the watermarks but i don’t wanna get my logo stolen

I made 4 version of the same logo and i can’t decide wich one i should use

What i want you to help me with is :
What can i upgrade on the differents logos ? (more/less damaged effects ?…)
And wich version do you prefer between the 4 ones under ?

1st one : light damaged effect

2nd one : heavy damaged effect

3rd one : light damaged effect with white outlines

4th one : heavy damaged effect with white outlines

I’m a real beginner at logos i’m just trying to improve, don’t judge me!


They all look good but I like the 3rd one best I think it’s just me as it’s the style I like but overall not bad.

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I prefer the 2nd one but all of them are good, honestly. The only thing I would change is the contrast/separation between the background and the logo. Maybe add a drop shadow to the logo to distinguish them more?

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Hey, this is pretty good for a beginner! I prefer no. 3 or no. 4. I can’t really think of anything you could improve except for making the cracks on the fourth maybe a little less heavy.

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I prefer the 3rd one because it looks a lot more cleaner.

The icon is a bit plain but very good cleaning!

I would add like more affects or more lighting.

Good job! -TheDevDoge

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