Feedback on a GUI

So with some changes to estimations for our group we are going to have to design our own GUI instead of out source.

We are not experts much on this, so here is a rough example of one of our menu.

We would appreciate some feedback about this! As well as that, we are deciding on which background to use for most of these menus. One is copying mountain hills, another is simple shapes and gradients.
All feedback is welcomed, but if you don’t have the time we also would like you to just vote in the poll!

Thank you
Katina ExiledRivers

Which of the two options is best? (look at this background)
  • Winter Mountain Hills (bottom)
  • Blue Shapes (top)

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Looks great, just way too big. I would make it smaller.

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Awesome but I don’t really know what you’re trying to represent with the white bars on either left and right. A tablet? It’s really weird and confusing