Feedback on a lighthouse?

When recreating it, I’ve gone for steeper angles on the sides and I’m not sure if I should change this.

The finished lighthouse will be somewhat realistic, if that helps


Looks really good man my suggestions.

  1. Try to add more of does. Bars around the whole tower and it would be great to get those black pots of your meshes as you can see below.


  1. I would suggest, you put the bricks all together and try scaling the mesh. Part at the bottom as you see on recent tower.


  1. I’ll add some bricks on the tower like the recent picture has. And try making the bars banding a bit they seem! straight to me, also add another part underneath the mesh part at the top…!

  2. Add some rails that goes around the lighthouse. You should also center your lighthouse to fix the changes or if you want to add more details to it! but that’s all from me.

Looks great man good work on your lighthouse!!


It looks good so far, but you can still improve it. First of all, you should fill the empty spaces the tower has and maybe have some bricks there as shown on the reference picture?

You should have some rusty elements at the entrance and around the tower, since the water is getting there. Are you going to have that red top that we can see on the reference picture? Cause I would definitely recommend that.

some lighthouses have windows, I think you can add that in. It would make the building look less repetetive. Here is an good example:



Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:


Progress Pics

This is a thing between exams so slow is the way it goes


Looks greatly improved compared to the last update on it!


Through I would recommend adding some more detail on the sides of the lighthouse as it looks sorta out of place compared to the front of the lighthouse.

Also, I wish you best of luck on doing the top proportion of the lighthouse! Can’t wait to see it finished. :slight_smile:

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I have high hopes for the actual light, however the space on the top is a lot smaller than the actual lighthouse and it’s gonna be challenging, but I’ll surely update when I get around to it!

With one more exam to go and the weekend practically free, I figured I’d make a start on the top part :slight_smile:

Hope you like it!

Original image


@XAXA part picker is a godsend when adjusting the colour of this

Not only could I quickly readjust the whole red part but I can randomise the brick colours too and that’s amazing, thanks for the plugin :slight_smile:


Gotta finish the windows, make two doors, do the railings and such for the rock it’s built on, then the outside is done!

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