Feedback on a logo for my game

Hey guys! I have recently started creating logos and I made this for my game.

Does anyone have any feedback/things I can change? What did I do well and what can I do better?

Here’s another logo I made for my group…

Any feedback on this logo?


  • I am using Photoshop CC 2020

For Photoshop, it’s kind of basic (saying that ps has so many tools). It doesn’t look bad though.


What can I do to make it more complex/less basic? I understand that this can be made very easily but what can I do to expand on my skills and make things that aren’t basic?

Challenge: Make your own icons.

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I was more talking about the icon as a whole, but making my own icons is a possibility.

simplistic not basic. In my opinion, when it comes to design, basic usually means it looks like any other design, and its a negative adjective.
Thess designs are simplistic; simple with a lot of whitespace nothing wrong with simplicity.

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Love the first logo! What i recommend doing for the second logo is making the text a bit smaller, its really big and if you adjusted the scale of it it might just look a slight bit better!

Great logo! I really like the style you went for and the color combination is great!

I’m Yon btw

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