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I’m planning to create a showcase game (i’ve made some of it!) based of a chain of retail stores, but due to copyright, would this “edit” be allowed?


Does the little edit mean anything, or is it just for show? For example, Amazon’s ) goes from A to Z, meaning that they have a bunch of things in stock from A to Z. Does yours mean anything?

I do like the concept of the art except you should maybe add some depth by using pixlr. Also this topic might help you when it comes to planing. Also the a through c idea seems kinda limited notice how Amazon does it with a through z meaning everything.

Edit: You’re completely allowed if that is a remake of the logo I assume Amazon if so they yes the parody law protects you and will hold up in a court case because you’re not using the same or exact layout with exact colors.


Well, the original logo is the “Zabka” logo from Poland, it does look a bit like the amazon one but I want it to look fairly similar without actually taking the name “zabka” (meaning frog), another design I could make is “froggy”

Alright! Many thanks. I get where you are getting the idea that it looks like amazon! I may change the colours to avoid any controversy or something. the word means “grandmother” in Polish, as it is a chain of Polish stores. I chose a “similar” font

Here is the original logo.

Different font and different name and slightly different color so you are protected by parody law.


Alright! I’ll try and make it a different shade of green and a different but modern font will do! Thanks!

Hmm… If They Want To Call Copyright Maybe Explain The Edits You Did! And If That Doesn’t Work Maybe Try Changing The Color Of The Logo, Or You Can Give Every Letter A Different Color!

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Good idea! I’ll try and make it a “minty” colour since I like that and fits with the modern style of the store I built.

Okay! That Sounds Excellent! I Can’t Wait To See How It Looks When Its Done!


Here it is! Not a minty colour, but more of the green colour seen inside the store I built. I may change the colour of the walls to a different shade later on.

babcia 2

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That Looks Very Great! I Just Think You Should Add A Pinch Of Shade To Green.

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