Feedback on a low-poly build I made for a client

This is a low poly build my client wanted me to make he showed a reference image, which I gladly accept the offer to make note: he only wanted me to build the buildings.

I ended up copying most of it just to show it here

So what are your thoughts about it?

I only want opinions on the building not the surrounding which took me 5 minutes to make.


The building is spot on but I think the sign could be like a wood sign.

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I tried that, the building looked too brown to me.

Oh, Well it still looks amazing though how much did you charge the client?

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the project was cancelled I ended up with no pay.

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Oof I feel bad. Well hope you get other clients.


Sorry about the cancellation, but this looks incredible.
However, I personally think having both blue neon and yellow neon windows look odd. I’d change them all to yellow.


oh yea lol sorry bout thay I just don’t want players to get confused where to head to

This looks amazing! Extremely talented.

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