Feedback on A Low Poly Cactus

I modeled this low poly cactus in (not kidding I timed it) 1 minute.


That’s extremely good for one minute :joy: you put the speed in speedbuilding!

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Add some textures and some texture planes to simulate pricks on the cactus

Love it ngl! I’m surprised you made this under a minute!! About the improving part, add the spike things which cactus’s have and as @infiniteRaymond said add textures. But I mean, you made it under a minute, I’m gonna guess as a challenge or something, it turned out to be amazing! :smiley:

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Yeah lol I couldn’t do that under a minute.

No, I just opened blender and thought that I wanted to make something quick, so I set a timer for 1 minute and saw what I could make.

I could barely do that in an hour LOL, great job!

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I think if you are asking for genuine feedback on how to get better as a modeler you should put more time and effort into it. Just doing a one minute speed model means most feedback will be ideas that you just couldn’t accomplish in one minute, thus most feedback can be seen as unhelpful.

Good job though, for one minute I think it is nice.

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