Feedback on a low quality border checkpoint I made

Both sides :

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Why are you asking for feedback on something you called “low quality” in the title?

He thinks its low quality but someone else might not so thats why hes asking for feedback

If the shoe fits wear it cinderella

I ask so I can get information on how to make it better, so my builds will eventually get out of being mostly low quality.

I would suggest add a bit more shape to the doors as there very flat and also try to make the glass just at the area its open at and not the whole wall and try to make the opening have more shape with the glass but overall looks pretty good!

I’ll agree with you, it is low quality. Almost everything in the screenshot’s I’d recommend changing. The shapes are overall very basic and “bulky”. What I mean by bulky is, you can see the width of the glass is at least a stud, which makes the whole thing look unrealistic.

What I would start off doing is practice with scaling. Many starting off building overlook this a lot, but the size of your build does matter. So for example, a window like in the booth might be closer in width to 0.2 - 0.4 studs rather than 1 or 2 studs.

Once you are able to do that start off by re-creating existing designs. For example, look up a real booth you can copy. The more you practice it and get used to studio the better you’d get over time.