Feedback on A lowPoly Chevy Tahoe 2017 GFX

made a little GFX for the Car i Was working on at the time
Feedback pls ty


Looks pretty good, and the lighting of the cars is great!

My suggestions are to reduce the blur/haze around the car. The dark background and the fact that the car is also a dark color makes the main subject of the GFX hard to see as it blends in.

Also, I suggest putting shadows on the bottom of the car, as it somewhat seems to be floating on the pavement. I’m not sure if the red lighting on the pavement is the sun, but if it is, it should be more prominent in the GFX and should also reflect light off the car rather than just the ground.

Additonally, the sky also doesn’t really match up with the background. The sky in this GFX looks more like it should be in a bright and sunny day rather than a dark and rainy atmosphere. I suggest changing the sky to maybe dusk/night or a grey stormy sky.

Other than that, that’s a good car you made, so keep it up! :happy3:


That’s really good. But the shadows are unrealistic. Other than that, it’s really well made!

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