Feedback On A New Piano

Heya! I’m trying to push my building limits and make the most in-depth and detailed piano that I can. I don’t know how to use Blender well, so everything you see here was made with Roblox parts, in Roblox Studio.


Looks great I could see that taking a long time to create so Good job on this master piece!

That looks super detailed! How many parts is it and how long did it take?

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No idea how many parts yet, I’m not building for performance xD

However, it took about like 2 hours I’d say


TWO HOURS?!!? What!!! That’s insane! I would take around one week if I tried! You now have my eternal respect. :raised_hands: :raised_hands:


Thanks, man, I really appreciate it! :smile:

A nice little something I like to live by is “If you are satisfied, it isn’t good enough”. Always look to improve your skills and creativity, you can always do better no matter what it is that you’re doing! Hard work, effort, and passion are all you need to achieve anything!


That quote is deep. I never thought about it like that. Thanks!

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That looks super detailed and incredibly good! That must have taken a lot of time to build.

This looks really cool! I like the amount of detail.

Woww! First of all that’s amazing if it was made with blender, but with studio!? :shock: That is amazing and super detailed I love it!

Are you planning to add a casing?
That is amazing.


Yes, of course! What would a piano be without a beautiful casing! :laughing:

Wowzers. This looks amazing and so intricate in detail.