Feedback on a piece of user interface

I’ve been creating user interface for a game me and my partner are working on, we’re currently clashing over the user interface though. I think the current user interface is fine, but my friend disagrees and believes the colours are too “pastel like” and don’t work well.

Just wondering what everyones thoughs on this are and if the current user interface looks fine, or if there is areas which I can add more/change to improve it.

(Please ignore the white thing on the yellow frame and bottom aqua colour frame, it is a gradient for a shine effect that occurs in playmode.)

Thank you.


I personally love the colours and they work great together! I guess it depends on you guys’ opinions.

Very well blended together.
One thing to add would be to the “Dollar store” Tab on top, maybe stylize the text a bit more and add a stroke to the shape.

I like how the colors are vibrant and blend at the same time, must be because roygbv.