Feedback on a practice map

Credit to RoBuilder for the inspiration!


The map itself is very basic. the buildings are just copy and pasted with different colors. the Neon texture doesnt look right. It kind of hurts my eyes.

It looks like there is a water fall near top-right.

Roads look identical, i would change them.

I suggest you would add grass, bushes and more trees in the grass areas.
Cars, driving around mabye
change the roads to look different
remove the waterfall
make buildings different shapes, design ect.

Overall, i can see alot of improvement in this map.


Maybe you should turn down the main colors of the buildings to a darker one, it’s too strong, and maybe someone’s eyes would hurt. Also, the map looks great, good job! And why is there a “waterfall” in the middle of nowhere?

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there is grass. i just took the image from far away

I would suggest making the map a bit more detailed, by the way, what kind of game is it?

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its a practice map, however it would for a speed simulation game

For a speed simulator game, I would suggest you search in roblox a game called speed city. Its pretty similar to your map. I would suggest adding a few portals.

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