Feedback on a relaxing game

I’ve been working on a small project for the past 2 days, based around the apartment of the Roblox myth AkaManah.
I am planning on this to become a game where you can relax. (It has old music and an old vibe to it)
Please give me general feedback on looks and more specifically in lighting.


Here’s a link If you would like to check it out yourself:


I have heard of this myth and your build matched it completely. I wouldn’t change anything about it, the lighting is perfect! The only thing I am skeptical on is the music, so I am wondering if I could hear it. ^^

Hai ya👋 @0ldProspector, the build looks great and it was very relaxing!:+1:

  • Color palette fits with the vibe not too crazy not too plain.:grinning:
  • Lots of creativity & imagination clearly went into this build.:sunglasses:
  • The lighting was great not too bright not too dark.:slightly_smiling_face:

Overall, great game… Can’t wait to see where it goes!:blush:

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The music is: It’s All Forgotten Now - by Al Bowlly.

As one of the scripters in this game I have to say that this game looks really well made and lovely. Any feedbacks/suggestions are more than welcome.