Feedback on a Research Facility Architecture

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening to wherever, you guys are viewing this post from. I’m Ray and I’m here to get your feedback on a Research Facility build, that I’ve been working on. Here is a screenshot of what it looks like;

This is the build and I’ve a few questions as well for you guys to answer and your answers will truly help me a lot! So, the questions are;

. Is the architecture good ? The Color and The Architecture itself ?
. Are the placements of the lights good ?
. Can the map be considered Low Poly ?

So, yeah this is what I’ve built and as mentioned above, your feedback will help a lot!

Thanks for viewing!


I’d say that there are a bit too many, if I were you I’d keep the lights only on the first level’s windows, not the second level of windows.

I think that a sort of extension in front of the doors would be good too. It would be useful to shield you from the rain without having to go inside.

I think that you could do without 2 lights by the main doors, like this:

I think that it’s generally good, but I think that you should split your facility into wings according to what they’re researching. Such as: medicine, disease, brain, social interaction, etc. I think that’s more realistic- if that’s what you’re going for.

I think that if you’re going to keep that huge yard in front of the research facility, you’ll want to consider a small section dedicated to nature, and then having a parking lot. I think an interesting way of incorporating the garden would have actual materials that relate to this world of research you’ve made. Like, if you have general medicine then an herb section of the garden with the plants labeled would be amazing! Then again, it’s just a suggestion.

Depending on what type of research facility you’re making, the parking lot size’ll change.

I’m not proficient with poly-count but I think it would classify.

Good luck on your game :doh:

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Thanks for the response and yep, I’ll be removing lights and replacing them with lampposts, to give it a look. I’ll be adding nature and parking lot as well. The map is pretty much of exterior but interior too has its own value, so I’ll surely do the interior as well.

Hm, I do think that the map needs more because it’s incomplete. Anyways, thx for the response and your feedback ^^

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Of course, anything to help a fellow dev! I’m interested to see the exterior in the future. :doh: