Feedback on a rippling light hallway something animation

I made this in Blender. I used a plane and then I edge split it then solidified it, then i randomly selected parts and made them glow, then I used a clouds noise displacement to make it ripple. The rippling is parented to a slowly rotating empty axis.
Here’s the .blend file if anyone wants to see. PS: everything is hidden for performance press Alt-H to unhide all.
effect.blend (1.0 MB)


This is actually amazing! Can I expect to see this implemented in a Roblox game anytime soon?

Not sure about that, well maybe.
I could export the animation as a modifiers animation. But i’d have to replace the textures

thats amazing, only feedback is that the ripples get dangerously close to the camera at times

This is great! I feel like this could be in one of those promotional videos Roblox makes from time to time.

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