Feedback on a roblox pet:

What do you all think I should improve?


Wow! Its just a great model
But only one thing I would say the Big Teets are just like A complex Mouth
Its really cool pet

This pet looks really cute! Just change the lips design.

make it less complex and it will look better, right now its cool but its hard to take it all in and becomes confusing and messy.

I was told to add complexity so as to prove I was good enough.
I don’t like the lips either.
There are lots ofdetails.

Everything looks pretty nice! But i don’t really like the mouth that much, it looks a bit off and it’s the only thing that you could improve in my opinion.

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teeth look super weird and bad (the big ones) the eyebrows are too weird and the wing and body contrast should be more better

The mouth was meant to be an Oni mask. It does look a bit weird.
Also, I can easily change the contrast of the wings, Only the colour on studio is a bit limited.
Does anyone know why the texture won’t load when exporting and FBX from Blender?