Feedback on a Roblox Studio Vignette

Just need some quick feedback on this Roblox Studio vignette I made, might be using it for an ad.

Yeah I know it looks dumb with the tricorns.


Why are there modern artillery mixed with older rifles?


Yeah. The rifles look like the ones from the civil war mixed with high - tech missile launchers

Modern army: walks down street with tanks, Armored trucks and Civil war muskets
Old military: Wow how you get that future stuff
Modern army We got it from the future
Old military: How come you have a civil war musket
Modern military: Ummm…

Add modern rifles instead of old guns since it really does not make any sense.

They’re actually drill purpose M1 Garands, mostly used in parades by armies, even modern. Most notably the US Marines Silent Drill Team.


I think it looks good but I am not sure what you were going for here.

Oops my bad. I thought that the guns were civil war muskets. If they are M1 garands, then your correct.