Feedback on a scifi styled hallway

I decided to do a quick build and I think I may make more sort of a game from this. This took around 30 mins (No design idea) and did it to sharpen up my building skills. I just want to see what other people think about it.

Edit: This is after some improvements


Really cool! Reminds me of some kind of lab/research facility! The detail is quite good, maybe I would’ve added a bit of grime or detail to the corners where the floor and the wall meet as it probably wouldn’t be that clean of a corner, so maybe like some dust there? Also maybe on the top where the ceiling and the walls meet do the same. But other than that it’s very well made!

You’re using brick in a sci-fi build? It looks more like a factory. Also, the lights looks like they’re just glued onto the roof. Maybe have them suspended by a cable?


Thanks! I was not really planning on making this a full thing but I like how it turned out. I like the idea of grime and stuff so will probably add more detail.

Yeah I didnt have much of an idea for lights so I just went for what came to mind. The next thing I do will probably be change up the lights.

I believe the type of light they went with is more of an industrial style strip lighting, like one of these:

Sci-fi builds normally strive into variety of materials including smooth parts and metal objects I feel like you could experiment with the material and adding other additional details instead of leaving it empty and plain. I’m curious you were going for a different style within the build.

From the looks of your creation it looks quite bare even though you have the almost proper elements. I would gather a few to have by your side and create it to your best of abilities.

Add details along the lines (e.g. pipes, vents, steel/metal flooring - hanging wires) and maybe a lighting source placed on the side of the wall border and walls in general. Here is a reference you could possibly use if ever needed if you lack adding those important objects. Other than that it’s a start to something invest in more time into adding features that are missing.