Feedback on a Shop UI for my game

Hello! I recently remade the old Shop UI that was previously in my game Paintball Battles with this new one and I was wondering if there is anything I can do to improve it. Any feedback is appreciated!


I really like this but I feel like it could use some more color and detail. It just looks plain and dull. I like the layout of it, just not the colors.


That’s really simple, but elegant. I Like it

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I agree with what @fr6gn but to add on I always find that rounded edges are way more as aesthetically pleasing

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Looks quite simplistic the scaling and proportion look a bit off, as the text isn’t centered and there’s much more space on the right side I’ll try angling the text so the scaling can meet up. I would however include a different color scheme inside the UI so it doesn’t appear bland and basic you could even choose a different font the current one you have looks a little good but it’s really up to you.

If your going for a basic look you should feel the outline with rounded corners to match the approach your wanting to achieve out of this. I recommend aligning your text it seems a little off proportion from my view. If the UI is going to be left like this i would at least throw a few more UI options down the bar like for example: “Exit,” or if your wanting it to feature a close text design.

Otherwise it seems not bad try fixing your scaling and centering sorting items in the UI.

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Your UI Design looks great but I think if you used rounded edges it would make it pop out more! :heart: