Feedback on a simple cartoony weapons shop

I’ve worked on this for a bit now, don’t mind the interior, it is not yet done. I’d love some feedback!


I have decided to change the roof color to match the trim, I believe it now looks much better.


Looking great as an overall structure!

However, i would give an attempt to make it fit in with the pavement because as for now it looks quite odd and unfinished.

Hope this helps!


Yeah thank you! I think I am going to make the pavement look more cartoony as well, to match it a little more.


Seeing as the rest of the build only uses smoothplastic, maybe change the stone path to smoothplastic and use the same technique you used for the brick to make it a bit more detailed while still fitting in with the simple environment you have.


Yeah that’s exactly what I’m working on currently, thank you!

it looks so good! i suggest to use another texture that give low poly vibes


Yeah I updated that, next time I get on studio I’ll post the newer version.

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Looks pretty cool! Making it look more cartoony of a building would help it a lot. And making the surrounding areas more cartoony and low poly looking.

Really fun and eye-catching weapons shop! I would pay 500-750 robux for that shop.

Try adding things in the inside walls. It will look even more eye-catching.

Anyways, keep up with the good work! :tada:

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I like it! I think the brick texture on the walls should be a little smaller but everything else is good. Good job!

This looks quite good but I’m not too sure whether you wanted it that way but the open sign is crooked and you could make the wall more bricky(add more bricks to the design). That’s all.

It looks like a decent build I would consider throwing another texture or material to the walkway.

Since this looks to be your first low poly build, I do recommend being mindful of the colours you select within your builds. Consider adding some design to the door handle try to not make it look blocky maybe add a small vent or objects on the top of the roof so it doesn’t look empty something like that could work.

Secondly, I am not a big fan of the walkway material to the shop. It looks a little bit out of place, and it doesn’t match with the setting. I personally would just add a a more vibrant color or material so it doesn’t look basic maybe looking at a few images could give you a idea. It’s a good build.

Yeah I’ve changed the walkway texture, it looks much better now and blends in a lot more with the environment, my next step will be decorating the interior, I just have to know what items I am going to sell in the shop first. Thank you for the feedback!