Feedback on a simple house

Was a bit bored so I made a simple smooth plastic house, feedback in replies is very welcome!
The interior is unfurnished, I’ve only done the exterior so far.




Wow this is awesome! Only thing I can think of is maybe more shingles? It’s just preference tho.

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Looks amazing, i love how detailed it is for a simple house!

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Wow, this looks amazing, what plugins did you use?

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None really, only F3X to resize multiple parts to save on some time but it’s built only using Studio tools

Solid house, I love the design!, The only thing I would recommend is more shingles on the roof, and make the roof a bit less grand, apart from that it’s great.

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It would be much better if your house had exterior house details on the wall to resemble a better appearance. The fact that your going for a cartoony approach featuring vibrant colors the front design, should include more props surrounding the building itself or placed within the building wall as everything else looks built well and it gives a sort of not high details so you don’t overdo with the details. This should be included on your house such as different formation of windows if needed.

While it’s a decent house perhaps experiment with adding additional details: such as including a chimney featuring the brick design as the material. It will make the whole house have a better approach since it’s a work in progress build I’m curious you got that planned out. Add more details to the house itself, such as other ideas that’s worth adding

Other than that; the interior and everything else is good.

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