Feedback on a simulator

I am working on this game called fishing net simulator
[V1.7] Fishing Net Simulator - Roblox can you tell me your opinion so I can improve it?


Good work keep up it :+1:
Well done

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Not bad at all! One thing, maybe make it tell you if your backpack is full?

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First of all, is this your first game? If it is it isnt bad. But if we get to the point, i dont know why there is a random fire hydrant here.

Why can i walk right through this building?

The portals are a bit small in my opinion

I would make this statue a bit less bright

And what is going on with the cealing and walls?

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Thank you btw I don’t know what happened with the cealing

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Not bad, for the most part it’s your average simulator game with some minor flaws…
When walking, it sounds like I’m a truck starting up or shots are being fired. Also, very slow walking speed especially when your simulator is 50% clicking 50% walking.
The UI is pretty misplaced and… well… I don’t know why you’d go for a rounded and shaded UI on the right but then go for a blocky one on the left. It’s best to keep the same type of UI on the same side of the screen or keep the UI closer together (closer together on the left, put shop/buy more on the bottom right) It’s displeasing visually so see my screen being clouded.

There’s a pretty big color contrast in parts of the game. You have a slightly dull environment but then a glowing jellyfish in the background, not to mention a hot air balloon that wouldn’t work underwater. There is also snow on the seabed and snow is falling. You could also do without free models, I have no issue with people using them but your game feels less authentic and more slapped together than hard work.

Overall, good job. I like how you added Christmas music and snow (even if it’s not ethical) seasonally. It seems like you have put a genuine amount of effort into this game and it could become something. Just a thought, but you could chase the idea of the lost city of atlantis since your game has random things right now. Since it’s jellyfish, perhaps spongebob? Or even something to do with the Titanic as there was a sunken boat in the game. You should head toward a structured game that has a storyline. People will become more invested when it has an ongoing story that gets updated, and those possible storylines are relatively well known. G’luck

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Thank you so much I will do my best and follow your instructions :+1:

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