Feedback on a sisyphus game

the game is heavily in development, but i would like to know what features or levels you guys would want to see. (reset to spawn a ball,easier for testing it wont be like that when it comes out)


6/10, too short. The height sensor is good, but as of now it doesn’t make any sense as there is now “overworld” yet.

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yeah it’s a heavily work in progress, i am just experminting things right now

any problem with the gameplay though?

As IGN would put it, it really makes you FEEL like Sisyphus!

It’s short, but there’s still a lot of potential to unfold, difficulty kinda spiked at the end, but I was eventually able to overcome it! I got little to no complaints about the actual ball physics; challenging, but manageable!

A little hard to suggest things, but something I think would be cool closer to a finished project would be a speedrun timer with a leaderboard to see whose truly the best Sisyphus. Also some background music would be nice, I understand that you’re going for a huge mountain that the player would climb so maybe it would be cool for some dynamic music there? Starting off with low drones and bass and then adding in all the other parts to create a complete song towards the end!

My only real complaint is that the cool sphere with the smiley face, when he falls off, he doesn’t come back. :<

It’s a neat start, I’m very interested in how the project will continue onwards!

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thank you for your detailed feedback, i tried my best to make the ball physics easy for beginners to understand but with a high skill ceiling. as for the timer, i 100% would add to the game while it is somewhat polished. the sphere with the smiley face will be the default ball for everyone, so no more tragic deaths happening. :+1:

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Qucik question: why do you have to use an alt to tell us about your game? It’s a weird marketing tactic.

oh he’s my friend, we’re just making the game together

I’m also working on a puzzle-platformer. It’s not big at all but I don’t want to make the game with too complex scripting.