Feedback on a song I made

What do you guys think?:

More of my work is posted on my website!


Sounds good maybe add more instruments?

Sounds very calming and mellow. I think it would work a lot better if the trumpet was smoother with sliding into the little runs it has. The baritone sax was a very nice contrast to the trumpet. And then the final trumpet part to end things off was just really nice, I can’t wait to hear what more can be made of this song!

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Sounds good. What do you use to make a composition like that? Do you record some of your own instruments or do you just use tools in the app? If so, how do you record them? I’m a saxophone player and I’d also be interested in composing music on ROBLOX.

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wow really cool looks like from 1980

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Sounds pretty good, it’s like a song in Chicago during 1970’s-1990’s.

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I love it is so chilling. This gives very good vibes!!! Amazing! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Wow! I liked the song & the instrument are suiting properly. Are these uploaded on Roblox? So I could use these in my games!

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Thank you very much for the feedback. I use Logic Pro X, and I just use the stock instruments but also compliment them with a plugin I have called Omnisphere.

Thank you for the feedback.

Currently, they aren’t for public use, just me dabbling with notes. :laughing:

I hope you add them in future, it would really sound good at Hotel,Cafe,Tycoon’s & Obby games.

Gosh! Where do I even begin? This sounds so amazing! I salute you, mate. I love how chill it sounds! I could definitely see myself building while listening to this!


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It would be relaxing in simulation games, interested to be in touch with you.