Feedback on a song i made

Yesterday i was on my computer and decided to make a song using my new keyboard.
It isn’t for commissions or anything,i just made it for fun.

I did notice that sometimes on the song,the kick “collides” with the tom,which is something i will fix.
Keep in mind i made this yesterday and i was very sleepy,and i didn’t touch the song since then.
I was going to post this that time,but it was made during a time where everyone would be sleeping,so i decided to post it now.

Please give some feedback on what should i improve or change.


It’s got a nice rhythm to it, and the mixing isn’t bad. Main concern is with the voicing of the instruments, a lot of the notes are dissonant/don’t fit well with the general chord progression. Other than that, it sounds awesome!


Song? Where are the lyrics!

I have to agree with Zacchary that for the most part there is a lot of dissonance with the notes. It is also very very hard to find a pulse; I assume this is in 4/4 but I cannot conduct to it naturally without feeling some sort of collision with the pulse… of course the drums help solve that problem but there’s still 20 seconds of unsettled rhythms.

It isn’t too bad overall, just needs to be reworked a bit.

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