Feedback on a song

Looking to improve so any feedback is welcome! I was just going with the flow and not really sure what genre this would be so if you know what this would be closest to, please let me know! I feel like it gets bland and repetitive at some points but let me know what you think. Thanks :slight_smile:


Has a lot of potential for sure, but I think the bass LFO sounds a bit sluggish, especially when it’s the only thing playing in the beginning. The lead playing on the first beat of the measure sounds a little too out of place or just doesn’t blend well with the rest of the song.

At around 0:37 some of the notes are dissonant so you might want to change them to be more harmonic with each other.

One thing to make songs less repetitive is to try arranging with more variation. I remember when I started my idea of arranging was just making all of the patterns, then stacking them one by one on top of each other, similar to what you’re doing here.
To keep it from being bland, try mixing up some things: higher octave leads, changing melodies/notes or even the chord progression (which I noticed you did). You can try making a drop by cutting out the drums right before playing multiple instruments together, etc.

Essentially if you keep on practicing and just experiment a lot then it’ll come a lot easier. Keep up the good work!


Thank you for the great feedback! I really appreciate it :smiley:

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I like it sounds very catchy would go great in my opinion in a game like Tower of Hell

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Just curious what did you use to make this?

The DAW I used was Ableton. They have a free 30 day (I think it’s 90 atm) full trial for their software, if you are curious.


I think your song requires some improvement on the leads or rhythms, but that’s all subjective depending on how the artist wants to express it. The LFO of the bass doesn’t match up to the rhythm and could need some other matching rhythm.

The melody could be worked on as it seems to be limiting itself to one octave. Why don’t you try expanding over two or maybe three?


Loving it. Sounds like the type of music you’d get in a retro game, mixed partly with more modern music. I can see this fitting in to loads of genres of games, 11/10!

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