Feedback on a survival game ive been working on for a while

Hey there, so ive been making a survival game and i thought i needed some feedback. my friends who played it had mixed respones but never really gave me anything to build off of so i think other developers will be better

Game link: Isolation BETA - Roblox

  • Why is running implemented on the server? The client has network ownership of its character by default.
  • Environment is too empty. This is the main issue I have with the game.
  • Obtaining food is difficult, the bleeding animation with one of the animals made me so scared that I stopped using the sword. If this is OK for others then I don’t know, but I personally don’t want to see blood when I’m trying to kill something.

Not that good, but it works. I would give it a score of 4/10. That’s my opinion, others might have liked it.


  • Make a terrain generator, I would recommend you to follow this tutorial if you don’t know about fractal noise, which allows you to have dynamic and variable landscape perlin noise alone can’t generate. (I would increment the score by 2/10 if this gets added properly)
  • More lighting effects (I would increment the score by 0.5/10 if this gets added properly)
  • The game should be fun to play in singleplayer too (+0.5/10)
  • Better way to obtain food, and pathfinding creatures (+1.25/10)

My rating of your game would increase from 4/10 to 8.25/10 if these get implemented.


these have all definitely been put into consideration.

with terrain generation i think that would work as i need to have the houses for the clans as spawns

i will definitely add more lighting effects because it would improve the look and i like working with lighting :smiley:

there is wolves near the plane but the whole game is based on the idea of clans fighting eachother

Food is littered around the plane already and animals spawn every 300 seconds or so

Pathfinding creatures will be added as at the time, i wasnt sure how to use pathfinding

So yeah, most of these will be added