Feedback on a tree

I made this in like 30 minutes or something I’m super tired after I make this post I’m going to bed.
This tree doesn’t have any textures which means it has no wood grain wood reviewer please don’t get mad at me.


I’m still a beginner to blender and stuff ok I’m going to bed now.


It’s very good for

  • 30 Minutes
  • A Beginner
    I rate it 10/10 (I don’t have blender sadly…)
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I’m not sure if it was exactly 30 minutes but it was somewhere around that
Also thank you!
Happy developing!

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Thanks, keep up the great work! I don’t really care how long it took all I care is that your a beginner!!

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Thank you!
Also if you have windows 10 you can get blender on the microsoft store to start learning it!
I’m not sure if you would want to but its just a suggestion!

I wouldn’t be able to use blender…

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That’s sad to hear its such a easy and good program to learn!
It just has like 1 billion hotkeys to memorize.

It’s good, especially as a beginner, but I think the tree looks a little empty. So I’d advise you to maybe increase the number of leaves, but anyways, keep up the good work!

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It looks good, but I think personally that it’s too round. If you could make the green leaves more random then it could look better in my opinion.
Although great work for a beginner.

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I can see the squares in the tree, if you need help removing them let me know.

P.S I think it is really good for 30 minutes, I like it. :slight_smile:

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Hello Developer,

Thanks for reaching out to Roblox Developer Forums, as this is a great opportunity for you to gain some feedback for your work and gain some nice comments from developers around the world a well.

Moving onto my personal opinion; I do think that this is a really great tree, and since I don’t know anything about blender, I wouldn’t be able to replicate something like this by my own, so I don’t really have anything to suggest you to improve.

Keep up the great work!

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Parents wouldn’t let me…

Its nice but you should add some twigs and use slightly different shades of green and some transparancy. 9/10 though for making it in 30 minutes and for a begginer. Keep up the good work!

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I have no idea how to add transparancy.

In the principled bsdf, turn up the transmission and make sure you’re in cycles.

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Well I didn’t sub divide it that much just until I couldn’t see the squares from a far.
I probably could have used shade smooth but I didn’t think to.
Happy developing!

Ok thank you for telling me i have been using cycles so now I can add this to a new gfx!

Well i was really tired when I made this so that probably explains it.

open up the properties then select the leafs and scroll or search for trasnparency and use the bar to adjust it

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Its blender not roblox studio.