Feedback on a work in progress PVZ Browncoat zombie model!

Hey, it’s been a long time since I’ve made a post here, so I wanted to make another post to keep maybe the 2-3 people that are interested in my projects updated, I decided to continue working on my PVZ game after like years and I’ve gone pretty far in the coding and modeling, so here’s a piece of my progress on the browncoat zombie’s model.

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oh yeah btw here’s the head

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Did you take reference for the folds from the bend in a straw? :sob:
I see where you’re coming from

Perhaps a skinnier leg and more depth in the clothing? Great job tho

actually I got em from BFN (not for the head tho)

This Plants VS. Zombies Browncoat Zombie model looks VERY good! Nice job on it!

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