Feedback on a youtube tutorial I made

I made this tutorial/introduction to Roblox studio in general and I was wondering if I could get feedback on it, I want to improve and make my videos higher quality so give me all constructive criticism (I won’t get offended)

Video: - YouTube


This is a decent video for beginners, however I would suggest writing a script before you record as beginners may find it hard to understand some of the terms u said. Writing a script can help u think of less advanced ways to say things. Also make sure u do your research about things you do not know of, ReplicatedStorage and ServerStorage are not the same at all, and I noticed some other mistakes too. Your voice was decently clear but you also spoke very quickly. You definitely have potential to create decent tutorials it just needs a bit more planning. Good luck in the future!


I cant write a script because I only have 1 monitor how would I do that?

Paper and pen? Write it on ur computer and print it?

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