Feedback on a youtuber logo

i just made a cool logo for my channel in
if you would like one. feel free to order!

(discord/twitter not needed)
i only need your user on roblox

here it is!Logo

and a second one.

also, ive made some more for cafes!

Nickeo cafe

tell me what you think! or how can i inprove them?


Would recommend rendering out the avatar in blender, then using the rendered image.
This is for better shading and such.
The other logos look excellent.


Omg hi!
i didnt think a builder would come!
thanks for the help

heres a MAJOR cookie

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i also used:
3d viewer - gfx lighting + image - backround
roblox studio - character.

i dont know how to render it out lol

Woah, cool! I’m trying to make a logo somewhat like that too, is there a tutorial for making logos with / can you make one?


When I go into, a blank screen appears.

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Your logo is nice but could be easily improved, its a good start however as other people have stated the logo would look much cooler if you used a program such as blender to get a render of the avatar, and then used nicer higher quality effects as a background in the background, simple changes can make it much nicer and higher quality.

Hope this helps, good luck with your future graphics and feel free to message me on devforum if you would like some extra feedback :slight_smile:

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U need to create a new project

How would you make a new project?

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Hey, make sure yoo add me on roblox

user: sharkefex

just fiil in this fourm:

your roblox user:
images: apple/drink/donut/island/palm tree
backround colour:

thats it! just put your awnsers , in reply to this post

if you want a logo btw, its 10 robux price

It’s a cool youtube logo all you have to fix is the rendering